What Does Community Disaster Resilience Look Like

This is a question that guided my students and I in developing a fictional news site www.resilientkingcounty.org with fake stories about a 10 year anniversary of a future Seattle Fault earthquake. Students used information generated during workshops I designed and facilitated with King County Office of Emergency Management as part of their Resilient King County initiative.

Participants of those workshops were actually asked to come up with headlines for such and anniversary newspaper that communicated what they felt would demonstrate King County’s resilience after a major earthquake. The participants outlined the stories by listing opportunities, stakeholders, obstacles, resources, and potential tradeoffs.

Students took these headlines and outlines and turned them into the stories on the website. The style of writing was new to several of the students and in some cases the students had a hard time interpreting or imagining what the workshop participants had mind (so did I) but overall I think the fictional newspaper does a great and fun job of communicating what resilience can make possible through the recovery process. The stories are organized by their relationships to types of capitals , as well as well-bein g–concepts discussed often on ResilScience.

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