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Published: 2021-06-17 23:35:04
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The group of people that I have selected for my User Group Analysis is “Gamers”. Undoubtedly, the gamers are much more beyond the demographic locations, even excluding the barriers such as age, race, gender, class and even educational background. They are found almost everywhere in the world. It has been estimated that the amount of money spent by gamers on their hobby is almost 7.5 billion dollars per year (B., C., et,al., 2005) . Moreover, it has been calculated that they spend approximately 22 hours per week on their hobby. In addition, according to a research, 67% of the Heads of families of America have accepted their involvement in gaming.
It has been observed that the video games have grown to great extent in the least 30 years along with the atmosphere around them, such as cultures. The games have various advantages as well as has been shown by various researches that games are not only used as a purpose of entertainment, but they have also an important role in developing various types of literacy information, helps develop information seeking power, require skills such as writing, utilization of historical knowledge as well as general knowledge.

For any successful process, the key ingredient is accurate and on time information. IF information is correct and on time then only fast and exact execution left in making the task successful. Information plays an important role in the success of any task, process or project. There is a need to understand the different between project and process.  Accurate and authentic information or data helps a lot in executing correct and fast results. Information must be accurate and authentic in order to get correct results.
For this purpose, we take an example of one of the most played games in the world, World of Warcraft, a games that has been played by 10 million people all around the globe. The information gained in this section of the analysis was y survey and simple questionnaires to the various gamers. The gamers showed their response quite effectively and presented their thoughts as their needs are not only about the method of playing the games, such as its mechanics, but also for the plans and strategies that are used that need to be utilized in the game in order to compete a certain mission. Moreover, the gamers expressed that they not only need information in how to handle the games themselves but on group dynamics as well, along with the feature of formulating strategies with other companions in order to complete various difficult missions and defeating the main villain (T., & Solomon, R,2009). Moreover, along with the important features of mechanics and formulation of strategies that would exist in the real game play, the fitting of the most appropriate outfit to the character was also a great concern for the gamers, so that the character performs at his/her peak while working within a group. So that when they take a look on their gears and skills menu, it would help to play with a lot more interest and also help them to play an important role in group dynamic mission completion.
Taking into notice all the requirements needed to play the games such as World of Warcraft, the very first question that arises in one’s mind is where to begin. So, the very first stop for most of the gamers in this case is discussion and consultation with other gamers of the same game. In the game under consideration, it provides a feature that allows to form a group of gamers to join to together in the form of guilds (P, & Wright, 2004). The research conducted among the gamers uncovered the fact that an aveareg guild consisted of the people ranging from age group of 18 to 50. Moreover it was seen that a major portion of the guild was formed by men, which is 80% and 20% of the guild is formed by women. Also, the most important factor worth mentioning here is that guild consisted of players from all around the world, including countries such as Canada, US, England and Australia. Moreover, most of the gamers in the guild, approximately 75%, were shown to group together because they had been together on a social forum where they ask questions, consume as well as produce information (Clark, N., & Scott, P. S, 2009).
Taking onto account all the variety of information requirements of the gamers, along with the fact that they require a collaborative feature, so that they consume and produce information in a much more effective way. Taking the previous steps would result in direct effect of these features on the maintenance of the business landscape in the near future.
In the end, the information professional hope from their heart to develop and establish the skills needed to fulfill the needs and requirements of the gamers as a whole and enhancing the digital world and generation.
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