The NCLB and ARRA Acts, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-27 14:45:04
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In an attempt to save humanity from diverse calamities, the federal government has been in the forefront to pass several acts to cater for the same. The government has also been uncomfortable to leave certain services such as education, health services among others in the hands of public. The federal government is worried that accountability and equity would be jeopardized and the less fortunate in the society may fail to benefit from such services.
In the United States, acts such as the 2009 act on Recovery and Reinvestment have been enforced to respond to matters of national concern. Obama enacted this particular act, in an attempt to counter the economic depression that led to loss of employment for many Americans. Its major objective was to create employment, with others being to invest in health, infrastructure, renewable sources of energy and education among others. Although a hefty package was assigned to these projects, adjustments have been made to ensure none of them fails. The ARRA allowed direct use of funds to finance the afore-mentioned projects, in order to save employment and counter economic challenges.
NCLB was enacted in 1965 to ensure children access quality public education. However, this law is faced by numerous challenges, making it difficult to achieve its set target. In America schools, the federal government has a role of ensuring quality education is offered and affordable to all. An act should be enacted that will ensure thorough vetting of teachers to avoid having half-baked individuals as teachers. Fairness and equity among learners should be a priority, and education should be focused on empowering the society.
Currently, the government is detrimental to various organizations and groups, but there is still much lacking in terms of accountability and equity. The NCLB and ARRA should be monitored with care to ensure their purpose of being established is realized.

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