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Published: 2021-06-29 02:30:04
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Least I forget, the most romantic experience at the Red Fox Inn
Eat for some day, you will be eaten, and enjoy yourself as if were your last day!
Upon entering into the Red Fox Inn, I felt my heart pump at the sight alone. The atmosphere and environment changed at once. On a sweet scented compound lies a four-story fieldstone building. Beautifully decorated from outside, I was curious to what the inside had for me. Sure enough, it was fabulous. In the building, heart pine floor, working fireplaces and tavern boasts hand-hewn ceiling beams. The walls painted with the most attractive artwork (Nunley and Elliott 40). In fact, so far I can attest that the Red Fox fine wall art is the best I have ever seen. Talk of the furniture: Very well, furnished oak tables that are hand furnished. The sight of this brings in the most conducive dining atmosphere at any time of the day, more especially for dinner.

The second floor of the classic Inn consists of the open space to carry out private events. It has four private dining rooms and a garden terrace. This is where I actually took my dinner, on my first day in the Red Fox Inn. In fact, this space can also host momentous events as weddings dinners, buffets, cocktail receptions, and business meetings.
There is this team of persons specially meant to welcome people, who took me around explaining every bit of detail. They also form the events team who customize the place to meet your need. Space for a wedding event, for example, booked in advance. The event team then uses customized linens and places a setting to an excellent floral arrangement, tents, and the most favorite looks as per one’s choice.
The meals
The Red Fox Inn serves the most enjoyable hearty meals. They serve food prepared in a variety of ways. If you want the food smoked, braised or roasted, it is upon you to choose. The chefs, who are down to earth, serve you, regardless of the commands and orders you give. The ingredients vary from the traditional Virginia meals to the Southern meals. There are also the Tavern’s traditional dishes that are easy, yet genuinely prepared using local ingredients from the farm. Very healthy meals especially for those fighting lifestyle diseases are present. The tastiest and you will testify this once you take it, is the famous Virginia peanut soup (Nunley and Elliott 45).
However, for those who like fast food, the Red Fox Inn does not lock you out. There is the southern Fried chicken and the signature crab cakes. The menu list is endless, with almost all meals that exist. Special requests also allowed, if ones taste not in the menu.
The meals do not go alone as they accompanied with a variety of drinks. The wine list consists of a variety of choices of domestic and imported wines. The bottled beer also comes in varieties; it is just upon one to choose the taste. For sure, I ate and drank, and if it were not for the saying that goes, the fool who eats until he is sick must fast until he is well, I could not have stopped.
The experience
The whole experience marked a memorable historic moment in my life. With the hearty breakfast, casual lunches, and intimate candlelit dinners, it marks a magnificent experience. The relaxing evenings in the cozy guest rooms with thick cotton bathrobes, bedside sweets, are just terrifically fascinating. The size and type of room vary according to the size one likes. For instance, there is a deluxe two-room suite with king-size four-poster bed. It has a large sitting room with a pullout sofa, big screen television, bathroom with bath tab and shower, powder room and a large window that offers the view of the beautiful courtyard gardens. This marks a suitable room for a small family, but that does not eliminate the singles who would wish to spend there, as there is a small, but cozy bedroom for one. There is the enthralling horse shows the polo matches, there is the Shenandoah Valley where one enjoys walking up and down; I mean they form a lifetime experience. My three-day stay at the Red Fox Inn passed so fast they just turned out to seem like a day or even less.
All said and done, if you have a night out, try it out at the Red Fox Inn, and be sure you will not regret it. The inn offers various notable events, more especially for anyone needing a romantic hideaway within the heart of the hunt country. Red Fox Inn is not only suitable for social occasions, but also for business trips (Nunley and Elliott 44). Turner Reuter, the artist behind the Red fox fine art, is readily available to offer the artistic services upon request. The listed experiences are just but a review mainly because I was unable to stay there for long. I believe there is much more. So, over your next vacation, visit the Red Fox Inn, and join my dance troupe of praising it!
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Nunley, Debbie and Elliott, Karen. A Taste Of Virginia History: A Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes. New York: John F. Blair, Publisher, 2004.

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