Strategic Integration of Hospitals and Physicians, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-06 22:05:04
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In examining Module 3 of the case study, this was an important assignment because it offered an opportunity to examine the organizational infrastructure of Golden Age Hospital and to identify some of the most important needs that older adults possess in the modern era. These options require key knowledge and expertise in the care and treatment of older adults in order to accomplish the desired objectives and to improve quality of life (Matthison & Marcantonio, 2014). Critical needs for older adults include primary care services, cancer care and treatment, mental health and Alzheimer’s care, emergency care, diabetes care, falls prevention, social support, home health, and rehabilitative services, and cardiac care for the older adult population. These efforts will support a unique framework that is designed to accommodate the large population of older adults in Mission Viejo and the surrounding areas.
It is expected that Golden Age Hospital will fill a void that currently exists in the area with respect to specialized and hospitalization for the care and treatment of older adults. Therefore, the organization requires an expert level of knowledge to treat this population through effective physician integration by using available resources (Cuellar & Gertler, 2006). Access to these care and treatment must demonstrate the appropriate combination of resources and physicians to support this patient population, while also considering other factors that will enhance outcomes for patients in this area. It is anticipated that the development of Golden Age Hospital will support the continued growth of the elderly population of Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities, thereby demonstrating a high level of need for this facility and the specialized services that will be provided. These efforts will demonstrate the importance of identifying the needs of older adults in this area and how the hospital will accommodate these concerns in an effective manner.
Cuellar, A. E., & Gertler, P. J. (2006). Strategic integration of hospitals and physicians. Journal of health economics, 25(1), 1-28.
Matthison, M., & Marcantonio, E.R. (2014). Hospital Management of older adults. Retrieved from

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