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Published: 2021-07-01 00:15:05
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In a retail bank software developers are prepared to develop use cases in order to support the ATM services. The use case delineates as the absolute distinctive courses that supports the customers to withdraw money effortlessly from the ATM. In addition, use case also depends on how the money is withdrawn from the ATM by the bank customers. Here the main players are the clients and the bank (Shelly, Cashman, & Rosenblatt, 2010). The prerequisites that are previously present are that a dynamic network connection is present in the bank and the cash is present in the ATM.

The fundamental proceedings while utilizing the use case are mentioned below (Miles & Hamilton, n.d):

If the bank cards are inserted by the bank customers the use case begins to work.
The user is authenticated to utilize the functions with the help of use case.
The ATM consists of different functionalities that are displayed on the screen however majority of the customers choose “Withdraw Cash” option.
After choosing the “Withdraw Cash” option the ATM rapidly go for an account of the customer.
Now the account selection is made by the customer of the bank.
The amount is entered via customer.
As a transaction the customers card ID, pin number, amount and the account details are sent to the bank.
The bank associations reply with yes or no depending if the transaction is ok or not ok.
Finally the money is hand out to the customer via ATM.
The printed receipt is dispensed.
Thus the use case successfully finished.

The unusual proceedings may occur during the cash withdrawal. After inserting the card invalid user may be detected that may lead the use case to end unsuccessfully. Moreover, if the customer selects invalid account that is not linked with the bank card then a message is displayed onto the ATM screen i.e. “Invalid Account- please try again” or the use case may return to the selection menu again. Furthermore, the wrong amount if entered by the customer that cannot be created with the ATM card then the message is displayed indicating the bank customer to re-enter the amount to proceed further. If the amount that is entered by the bank customer exceeds the withdrawal limits then a message is displayed asking the customer to enter again the correct amount after that the use case will be resumed. In addition, the warning message might exhibit if the amount exceeds the daily withdrawal limit of the bank customer. Here it should be noted that this condition implements to the specific bank accounts and with the association of the bank. Another possibility of unusual proceedings is the insufficient cash this happens if the amount of cash that is entered goes beyond the available cash present in ATM. As a result, a warning message prompts onto the screen asking the customer to re-enter the amount.

Describe a use case dependency for making an account deposit. Illustrate this use case with Visio or a similar product:
If a bank customer decides to deposit money then the deposit transactions session starts in progress. Now in order to deposit the customer may choose the type of bank account from the menu bar displayed onto the screen. The amount that has to deposit is entered by the customer. After entering the amount the card ID, pin number and the account details are forward for the approval of the transaction. Fortunately, if the approval is granted then the machine agree to accept the envelope containing cash from the customer and the receipt is issued by the machine. Here this has to be noted that if the envelope is not entered in the specific time then the deposit transaction is terminated. On the contrary, if the approval is not granted due to any reason such as, incorrect PIN number or incorrect PIN extension is performed a notification is specified to the bank. The confirmation is send to the bank of the status of competed and approved transaction from the ATM machine. If the transaction is completed, the bank performs crediting the customer account for the requested amount. However, manual verification is a manual procedure that is carried out afterwards.

Describe a use case dependency for making an account transfer. Illustrate this use case with Visio or a similar product.
The customer choose a transfer transaction session from the menu that is displayed onto the screen. For the transfer transaction the customer has to choose the amount that need to e transferred from the menu that includes different accounts selection. After that the system forwards the transaction request for the approval along with the correct card number, PIN, account and the amount. Hence the receipt is issued to the customer if the transaction is approved. On the other hand, Failed Transaction Extension is indicated if the transaction is disapproved due to any reason.

Identify and explain at least one (1) ethical issue that the use case exposes in connection with the development or use of the ATM system. 
(Bennett, n.d) One of the immense ethical issues that are related with the use case and the ATM system is that occasionally the system is not in order or contains errors that may lead to customer’s inconvenience. In fact, these issues are further resolved by the customers and the bank. On the other hand, most customers like the fact that the ATM helps them to get the money easily and quickly without standing in long queues.
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