Social Welfare Policy in the United States, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-20 03:40:04
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Part I: Informed consent
The idea of informed consent refers to individual or human consciousness that is experienced and essential when one is making a decision. In most cases, it has become essential for people to have an informed consent and be aware of the consequences of the decisions they make in life. Informed consent guides individuals when making decisions and many other landmark activities in their lives. The existence of informed consent establishes a strong base where people can do many activities when they are sure of the possible consequences. Informed consent is a requirement for many psychological and mental practices where practitioners may come across critical information about their patients; patients must be aware of such possibilities (be informed) before accepting (consent) anything from the doctor.
Ownership of property
Property ownership refers to the rightful and legal empowerment given to people in order to make a property be theirs. Property ownership as part of human life and organization has undergone significant transformation. For instance, human ownership of property was considered social-cultural in the past unlike today where property ownership has become a personalized affair. With the emergence of the right rules and regulations, it has become uncomplicated for many people to own property. In the past, a community had the prerogative of owning and using any property and no one could claim it.

Ethical treatment of human subjects since 1951
Several instances of human treatment have raised some ethical considerations since 1951 and even before. Ethics as observed by many individuals draws the boundary between doing good and bad in what we do to other people. In social studies, ethical considerations go hand-in-hand with rules and regulations as part of upholding human rights and dignity. In the ancient times, ethical considerations within a society did not require the need for rules and regulations because people were somewhat conscious. They were considered part of the regulations that must be respected by all the members of the society. This is not like today where they have been subjected to human choice and consideration. Rules and regulations have taken a different path that cannot be attained by the ethical standards. In most cases, the need to uphold human dignity has shaped the way human subjects are ethically treated. It is almost a legal requirement, which must be upheld; failure to do so may attract prosecution.
Part II : Historical development of Social Security in the country
I have learnt several things about the historical development of the Social Security Act in the US. From the presumptions made throughout the lesson, I have learned that Social security was previously referred as Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance while the payroll taxes as the Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax in a federal program. It is evident that the life standards and contributions from the public are considered part of the social security agencies that are being experienced currently. The Social Security Act was first established in 1935.
It has taken some time for the ideas behind the establishment of the Act to be a reflected in the society today. I have also learned that the Act has been transformed to include facts about social welfare together with other social insurance programs in the country. Some of the outstanding contributions made to the Act in the US include the inclusion of women and support care that came under President Roosevelt. The support of the president led to the discovery and growth of the social security. The Act was objected at influencing positive contribution of the factors of production in the society. Since 1930s, the contributions and provisions found within the act have been changing. The economic challenges and changes in the gender roles have contributed to changes in several provisions within the Act. Further changes have occurred within the act in its contribution to the eradication of drug use and abuse globally.
Part III
Growth of social welfare policy in the United States of America since colonies
Social programs in the United States of America are designed and directed at bringing instantaneous support for the needs of the people in the society. The US is one of the diverse populations around the globe. The recognition of the welfare programs demands that all US citizens can be assisted by other organizations. Many proposals that facilitated the establishment of welfare programs were witnessed during the reign of Theodore Roosevelt. The entire aspect of growth and development of social welfare policy in the country was brought to light by the New Nationalism Program that had been directed by the president. It was during the reign of this president that many programs were directed by the country towards the establishment of the best mechanisms of assisting the immediate members of the society. The social stratifications that were in place were to be replaced with those affirming the presence of assistive details towards the growth and development in the society. Therefore, the programs of welfare associations and social aid were established. There is a greater variation in the provision of the programs.
Presently, most of the Americans have received aid through programs that were established in the past. Some of the programs come in the form of welfare activities and duties that are assigned to aid in the growth and development of the country. The needy are part of the social groups that have to be assisted in meeting the specifications and needs of the society. The federal state and the local society together with the private social organizations had differing opinions within the social welfare groups. The social structures were established as a way of managing the immediate problems faced by the people in the country. The main action taken by the welfare group was to monitor the provision of food materials, shelter, education, and money to the citizens in the US. The categories of education were to be within the primary and secondary levels. Other services were tied between the health insurance and health policies in the country.
I feel that it is extremely beneficial for such programs to be established in other parts of the globe. The US care for the citizens is a prerogative that is directed at influencing togetherness and assistance for humanity within and outside its borders. The assistance given by the government to the states can only be realized from the factual figures that led to the growth and establishment of social stratifications in the past. By doing this, the US government showed some sense of togetherness and concern over those who were in need. Helping the needy helps the society to grow as a unit. This is what helps most Americans today.

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