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Published: 2021-06-26 02:10:04
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Theoretical perspectives in the field of sociology often refer to the teachings of Karl Marx and Marxism, as it relates to race, class and gender. These areas of this theory are closely related to social change efforts in society. The social philosophies of Karl Marx (Marxism) deal with history and social change and focuses heavily on inequality as a main concern.
Marxism purports that inequality in society has much to do with society’s method of economic production and distribution of goods and services in various industries in society. This has to do with social classes and the inequality comes in with the separation between the ruling class and the working class in society. This type of classism in society shows that the ruling class is in conflict with the working class, because the working class does most of the work and puts forth most of the effort toward economic production in society, and the ruling class gets most of the benefits. Not only is there a divide between rich and poor, the theory further breaks it down to include disparities with race and gender. In society, people of minority races often struggle in society in comparison to people within the Caucasian race. In addition, society has challenges and issues as it pertains to the equality of women in comparison to men. These are the main concepts of how society is divided by social class and differentiation between race and gender. This is a major part of the concept of sociology as viewed by the concept and theory of Marxism(Healey).
Social theory can be used to better support social change efforts regarding race, class or gender through awareness and the implementation of change processes in society. More awareness is needed to continue to redefine gender roles in society, where women are seen as equal citizens. This is also true of race relations. Continued efforts toward change in this area will continue to support social change. This is true, although the current times have proven to foster change in class, race, and gender challenges, due to increasing globalization and more widespread acceptance and inclusion in society of all classes, races and genders.
Examples of how social theory can affect these issues are seen in the increase in the hiring of women executives in the corporate world as it relates to gender, or the most glaring example relating to race, the election of a black president of the United States. These are definitely a result of major social change in America, since the days of major tensions in the areas of classism, sexism and racism. The issues have not been eradicated completely; however, there is evidence of change.
It is evident that, from a global perspective, social change is influenced by how diversity is accepted and expanded, which is something that has seen much improvement over the past couple of decades with the emergence of the information technology age and globalization. It is evident that society has embraced a broader range of concepts and ways of thinking collectively, as this is what drives economic success.
Sociology, therefore, plays a major role in influencing changes in society that relate to race, class and gender and this is something that will likely continue, especially in a world of constant change.
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