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Published: 2021-07-05 08:40:05
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Social service groups exist to help individuals address different types of issues they are faced with.  The type of group necessary is dependent on both the situation and the individual.   A commonly used form of therapy is in a group formation.  Both therapeutic and communication groups serve an important purpose in the betterment of individuals.  It provides a safe environment where individuals can find acceptance, communication, and solutions to their problems.
Post-traumatic stress is the stage that some people face after living or seeing a dangerous event.  There are many options to address this such as medication, physiologists, and even religious routes.  One of the most commonly used methods however, is what we call “talk” therapy, a therapeutic group session.  ”Talk therapies teach people helpful ways to react to frightening events that trigger their PTSD symptoms.” (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 2010)  As a facilitator, the role of therapeutic groups should serve as an aid to the individuals suffering from post-traumatic disorders.  Preparation for this group is done through research on post-traumatic stress.  This is a way for the individuals to relate and communicate with others who have faced similar circumstances. Knowing the purpose of this group allows the facilitator to keep on track.  According to Dr. Treloar there are several advantages to therapeutic group treatment.  These include:
Reduces stigma and feeling of isolation; they know they are not alone
Clients can learn form each other’s experiences
Mutual support is empowering (Treloar 2011)
As a member of this therapeutic post-traumatic group I learned that it is ok to talk about the situation and my feelings.   I learned that I am not alone; there are others with the same battles.  It also allows me to find a place where I can address the problem and find a way to move on.   By hearing others battles, I can learn from their experience and not keep my problems, issues or concerns bottled up.
The communication group role for substance abuse individuals is also extremely important.   As the facilitator, it is important to get past the denial that many individual come into the group with.   Preparing for the potential challenges through research provided a way to redirect when the individual resorts to that argument.  According to The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, there are six stages to changing substance abuse habits.  These are: precomtemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and recurrence.  (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment 1999)  Communication groups provide a place for individuals to realize their dependency is a problem.  These dependency issues are not simply going to go away by using restraint and cutting back, eliminating the issue is the only way to prevent substance abuse.  As a facilitator it is important to allow the individuals to talk through their reservations and thoughts on their substance dependency.  Acknowledging the problem is a big part of finding a solution.
As a group member communication groups for substance abuse provide a mean of support.  This provides a way to talk with other who are struggling and rationalizing their own dependency on drugs or alcohol.   A place to discuss why quitting the best and most desirable option   Accountability to myself and others, having to answer to my short comings if I choose to give into using gain.  And finally, it is a place I can go, free of judgment, when I am tempted, weak, or in need of a little encouragement to not give in.
Social service groups are important for individuals to face and overcome many different obstacles.   As a facilitator it is important to understand the problems and maintain structure for these groups to be successful.   Both therapeutic and communication groups have their own ways to provide the best place for group resolutions.   Preparing for the group is done by research and understanding the problems that are needed to be addressed.   If facilitated correctly, there could be a positive outcome for everyone involved.
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