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Published: 2021-06-22 07:45:05
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The very first solution for the company is to budget and plan for the various cost elements involved in the implementation of the new program. This is important to manage and control the expenses involved in the training and acquisition of the new components. Planning will enable VICC to accommodate the revenues that may be lost due to the implementation of the project. The organization can opt to use its accrued earning to establish the project or use other sources of equity financing depending on the viability and feasibility of the project.  At the initial stages of the project’s life, VICC can opt to outsource the services of other IT based firms. However, this should only be persuading after all the expenses have been analyzed and compared. Outsourcing of the service has the advantage of reducing expenses associated with training and induction of the employees into the new program (Eric, 2009, p123).
The organization can minimize the resistance from the employees due to the changes by first communicating the information to the employees and assessing their perception towards change. Proper change management strategies are very vital to ensure that the employees adapt to the new system. Planned change management enables the employees to prepare for the expected change in the organization and hence enabling the management to reduce the level of resistance towards change. The change management should include all the contractors, suppliers and more importantly the subcontractors.    The subcontractors of the construction company should be aware of the new adopted system and understand its benefits to their and improvement in service delivery. To ensure privacy of the clients’ information security is very important. The information about the change process should be communicated to the clients in advance before the implementation.

To handle the technical difficulties VICC needs to recruit technically qualified personnel that have experience in Web-based project management systems. The firm can also rely on consultation services from IT specialized companies.  The most preferable approach in this case will be to hire programmers who will work with firm and help in training of the employees. To minimize the cost of training VICC should ensure that it designs programs that meet the individual expectations from the employees from the program. The training program should move at the pace of the employees to ensure that all the technical issues involved in the program are properly understood. Employees should be able to access all the technical information from the trainers and the hired consultants (Eric, U. 2009, p 342).
Implementation Online Project Management System-Application requires VICC to ensure that the objectives of the program are in tandem with the needs of the clients, the stakeholders and the subcontractors. This is the phase where the organization should embrace greater flexibility and ensure that technical specifications adopted exhibited in the system can enable the employees to easily adapt to the changed work environment. The most important method reducing the training expenses is to adopt a good training program that outlines the flow of the training process. Such a program identifies areas that need greater emphasize and attention as this reduce the amount of time and resources used. The employees should be able to understand the most important features. The organization should utilize group dynamics to ensure information sharing for to enhance understanding of the employees (Gido, 2008, p 334).
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