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Published: 2021-06-24 02:55:04
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As a nurse manager I will utilize power, quality control, and discipline in my position by blending autocratic and democratic management styles. Often autocratic management is interpreted in a negative way. However it must be noted that there are two types of autocratic management styles(Marquis  & Huston, 2011).  One is exploitative whereby managers use threats to achieve goals. This type I would chose not to apply in my practice as nurse manager. The other is benevolent in which motivation is based on a system of rewards and punishment. Many modern organizations especially in the private sector adopt this approach without opening admitting it (Modaff, Butler & DeWine, 2008).
In my opinion it is functionally because if there is no autocratic dispensation the tendency to lapse into laissez-faire is highly likely. For example, employees must know that there is a penalty attached to consistently being late. This is not tolerated by most organizations. If it were then there would be no discipline in the work environment. Similar penalties are executed for other performance discrepancies while rewards are offered for high performance. This is a style I would adapt in marinating quality control(Terry, 2003).
Alternatively, when addressing system dysfunctions instead of blaming staff for poor performance I would take the democratic approach soliciting opinions of staff in resolving disputes within the organization. In this way every member of staff input is valuable and considered valuable for the benefit of the organization’s progress. Hence, flexible management approaches are inevitable if nurse mange is to utilize power effectively to ensure quality control, and discipline (Choi, 2007).
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