Microbiology: The Unknown Project, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-04 20:50:05
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The field of microbiology is a branch of scientific studies that deal with the process of identifying and obtaining observation regarding microscopic organisms that could be identified as either belonging to the single cell organism or the ones that has no cell at all. Relatively, notably understanding the procedures taken into consideration with regards this study provide a strong distinction on how causes of different ailments are being identified through noting their carriers that are often microscopic in nature. Through the years, the study of microbiology has advanced from basically identifying the unknown to exploring the possibilities of utilizing microscopic species of living creatures in several other purposes that could develop human health status. With the aid of modern technology, the course taken by microbiologists has strongly become endowed to the aim of further developing the current systems of operation that the said science undergoes at present.
To be able to obtain results from specific microbiological studies, several tools are used and several approaches of exploring a matter is considered. Notably, this insists on the need of the one handling the study to thoroughly understand how each aspect of procedure could contribute to the development of the operation. Taking into consideration how much the field of microbiology embraces the aspect of development that technology provides, it could not be denied that personal intuition and systematic thinking on the part of the observer still remains to be the stronger foundation of the process by which a particular microbiological project becomes successful.
The process of undergoing the unknown project entails the expectation on the capacity of the student to implicate proper thinking skills that would allow him to note the differences and the similarities of the results that have been garnered from the experimentation. From this particular practice, the assumption and the analysis of the results could be defined as the deciding point of whether or not the project was successful in confiding with the basic laws and principles used in microbiology. The study of microscopic species provides a source of knowledge that is strongly reliable when it comes to identifying the causes of particular ailments or diseases.  The proper application of rules and practices of microbiological studies is expected to incite a workable result that could allow for the process of finding out characteristics that would serve as the identity of the species being observed. Such information collected and noted from such experimentations shall provide groundwork for future studies that might need such data.
Nevertheless, with all the procedures, tools and guidelines provided for the observer to follow, it is his personal intuition, a sense of personal command and intelligent understanding on the discovery being pursued that would define the success of a specific project into become a reliable source of knowledge for future references. The unknown project provides an arena of practice for those wanting to master the said aspect of microbiological studies.

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