Kinsey, Let’s Talk About Sex, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-18 17:20:05
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This biographical film provides a gateway to a new distinctive condition on how one might be able to understand the facts about human sexuality and how it may different between genders. This particular work was a supporting presentation on how Alfred Kinsey tried to explain the same matter through his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Noted as the pioneer in the arena of teaching and identifying the different elements of sexology, Alfred Kinsey’s life has been played in this movie to be able to portray a majority of the theories he particularly believes in.
In the movie, the director intended to present Kinsey to have an inkling to the topic of human sexuality even at a young age. It also presents the most considerable points in the life of the writer and professor that lead him to exploring the realms of human sexuality through a deeper understanding. The overall theme of the movie further represents Kinsey’s idea to be more informative than malicious and his approaches to teaching more factual than specifically concerned on waking up sexual desires among his students. Relatively, the primary aim was to inform them of something they ought to know especially in relation to the desire of improving their future relationships with their mates. The distinctive approach of Condon on the movie could be applauded well as it did present a balance on providing the audience a workable knowledge about Kinsey while also giving them the option to think of whether or not they are going to respect Kinsey’s approach as well as accept his methodologies of teaching young learners about human sexuality.
Given that the movie was released in 2004, it could be assumed that the people are already not that close-minded when it comes to issues of sexuality. Nevertheless, the society values high regard to morality and the religious sacredness of issues such as sexual relations between human beings. This is the reason why not so many individuals accepted the work to be relatively helpful nor necessary for watching. Most of those individuals who rejected the film did not even care to see what it has to offer. Upon knowing that it would be about Kinsey, some though that it would be a malicious presentation of human sexuality. This is however the reason why Kinsey pursued to teach his learners about sexual connections; to provide them a sense of realizing their personal being away from the ignorance on issues about sexual relationships.
Most likely, this movie represents the thinking and the procedures of one man who wanted to show people and the whole society at that, that sexuality is not a topic to be shunned nor an issue to put behind closed doors. Kinsey’s presentation on the need to know the different between male and female sexuality might save marriages provide a great insight on the real purpose of the film. It is not about the man, but the legacy he left about the need to provide young individuals an idea about sexuality and teach them the morality that must accompany it. Yes, Kinsey believes that it is only through this approach to knowledgeable understanding that ignorance could be set aside and knowledgeable decisions about sexual relations and intimacy could be given way. True, understanding a matter fully provides a person the full command about the matter. In this case, sexual relationship set apart from sexual promiscuity as shown through the film, teaches the concerned individuals of the needed information that they had to accept to make sure that they are able to deal with the most crucial issues of sexual intimacy between mates and perhaps even get the chance to save their own relationships later on. With these information, it is expected that better relationships would spur to give way to creating better families and developing better communities in the future.

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