It’s Clear Humans Are Changing World’s Climate, Panel Says, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-25 23:20:04
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Recently, a UN assembled panel of scientists declare that humans are definitely having an impact on the world’s climate. These observations were made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which noted that the climate pattern of the world has changed significantly beginning in the 50’s. The co-chair of the committee would like the public to be informed that as long as we continue to release carbon dioxide, these patterns of climate change will continue and our environment will be negatively impacted. Consequences of this include longer and more frequent heat waves, wet areas will receive less and less rainfall, and dry regions will become dryer.
The article highlights the fact that in no way are these findings are new; while we’ve known this information for a while, there are still people who do not believe that global warming is real and we’ve yet to compromise on how to act to counter its effects. It also emphasizes the fact that while global warming is a natural process, humans are responsible for speeding it up. Despite the fact that the global temperatures have risen overall in the past few years, there has been a temporary pause because the oceans are beginning to absorb some of this extra heat. This is also due to the fact that volcanic eruptions have released particles that block rays from the sun from reaching us. However, the weather increase is expected to continue after volcanic effects wear off.

Ultimately, the point of the article is to inform is that it is humans that are causing the effects of global warming. Scientists are 95% confident about this conclusion.
Since humans are the main cause of global warming, it is our responsibility to ensure that we live our lives in a manner that prevents additional emissions. To do so, we need to start conserving our natural resources and our produced products so we can limit the output of factories and other machinery. I believe the most important thing we need to do is shift our cultural view about materialism; many people believe that constantly replacing old objects is better and don’t consider keeping old ones or trying to fix them. However, if more of us stopped buying new things that we don’t need, we would greatly reduce factory waste which would in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to this, companies that produce these materials and items should be required to build things that last longer; this would also contribute to a lesser factory output.
In addition, we need to start investing in technology that utilizes clean energy. There are enough methods of energy being researched including wind power, water power, solar power, and vegetable oil that would allow us to power our machinery without emitting carbon dioxide as a product. Since humans are causing the carbon dioxide emissions that are contributing to the causes of global warming, it is our job to stand up for our environment and change the policy and machinery that is damaging our environment.
Lastly, we need to find ways to convince people that global warming is real and that each individual is really having a negative impact on the environment. Lobbyists should be sent to Congress to represent this cause and promote legislation that encourages environmental education. Without the public becoming aware of this issue, we will not be able to prevent future carbon dioxide emissions and global warming will remain a problem for us all.

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