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Published: 2021-06-20 04:55:04
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The way President George Bush handles the condition of the administration he is governing during a very stressing condition specifically points out how he understands the situation that they are actually dealing with. He points out on his speech that somehow, the people that were victimized during the event were ordinary individuals who did not know what was coming their way the moment that they woke up and went out of their doors to go to work or to go to school or just to roam around the city of New York. Some others who were on the flight were probably even looking forward to the possible moments that they would be spending once they reach their destinations. They did not know that this was the last point of travel that they are going to engage in. They did nothing to undergo the victimization that they were involved in.

Instituting the condition of the situation that the country is currently in, it could be noted that President Bush tried to appeal to his listeners through pointing out that the ones who have died in the incident were but ordinary people who did not know what was  coming their way. Children, women, men, families, hopefuls and other individuals who simply wanted to enjoy the day and perhaps complete their assigned tasks were suddenly put to a stop. This appeal intended to call out for the emotional pour out of the audience he was talking to. Aiming to consider that the suspects to the matter were listening to his speech, he also wanted to take note of the possibility that they might somehow be moved to take a different step and come forward. Although the suspects died in the incident, it was clear to Bush that the perpetrators are still living and are perhaps planning for bigger movements apart from the said attack. Hoping to control the situation, the use of this approach in his speech was planned to have a great impact on all individuals involved in the situation, both the victims and the perpetrators. At some point, it could then be noted that this approach is rather effective in appealing to the emotional bearing of the people listening to him.
On the other end, a particularly weak point of his speech was that he mentioned too many enumerations that his focus has been specifically differentiated. Too much focus on too many details kept the real problem away from the thinking of the people. The intention he had in mind was clouded with too much information, which also affected the interpretation of the listeners towards his message. Most likely, through this particular condition of thinking, George Bush was able to make a distinctive indication of reaction on the situation that happened and was hoping to make a specific effect on the thinking of the victims. Relatively though, the weakness of some points of his speech created a swerve on the real message he wants to send to his listeners.
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