Five Issues: Critical Points, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-22 16:05:06
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How can the leadership team be organized, responsible, and ready to handle requests that can pop up suddenly?
What were the reasons that Customer Order Number 41427 fell through the cracks at the office and what could the team have done to prevent this?
What members of the office team were responsible for the avoidance of Customer Order Number 41427 and what could the management team have done in advance of the incident in terms of training to have avoided the situation?
What ethical issues arise when members of the office, such as the narrator, are distracted by petty rivalries with their coworkers?
In this situation, what makes the employees qualified to carry out their jobs? They seem to push responsibility for Customer Order Number 41427 from worker to worker, what can be done to avoid this discrepancy?

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