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Published: 2021-06-20 09:55:05
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Even though I prefer certain movie genres such as comedy, science fiction, historical drama, and foreign films, the film I may select to watch depends upon the circumstances and mood. When I watch with friends, we decide through consensus but when I watch alone, I mostly choose one from one of the genres I enjoy. Sometimes, I also choose films about which I may have heard lot of praise from friends or which have been given high ratings by the professional critics. I usually trust crowd opinion which is why I also check websites such as Rotten Tomatoes.
There are several qualities that make a film enjoyable. First of all, the film story is original or tackles original issues. This keeps the audience engaged with the film because it is difficult to predict the evolution of the story. The film is also enjoyable when an ordinary person can relate to the story in some ways even if the genre is science fiction. When a viewer can connect with the film, the film’s message has more powerful impact on him and may even inspire him/her to take the action desired by the film director. One example may be documentaries that try to emotionally connect with viewers and appeal to viewers’ sense of fairness and justice. A film is also enjoyable when it experiments with new ideas or film-making techniques. Last but not least, acting always makes a huge difference.

A film may be unenjoyable if it follows a tried-and-tested formula, primarily to make money and there is little originality in the story. Similarly, bad acting also makes the film boring. A film that tries to promote stereotypes and prejudices may be a turn-off unless they confirm the audiences’ own stereotypes. Filmmakers have huge power to positively influence the society, thus, objective film fans are turned-off by films which only promote extremist or inaccurate views and often mask opinions as facts.

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