Explanation of a Flow Shop, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-06 13:35:05
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One of the main points of the Chapter Two, and definitely one that I found the most interesting, was the author’s extensive explanation of a Flow Shop. In particular it is noteworthy of the benefits of the system. The overlapping, in addition to the lack of staff–and more specifically specialized staff and management–makes it a very profitable business system. Although as the author stated variety is difficult to maintain, for the certain type of business this is clearly the most cost-efficient method of business.
Another huge benefit to this system is the efficiency models, specifically the simplified “efficiency=output/input”. This is another key point of the chapter, linked to the first one. The precise calculations that go into figuring out efficiency naturally leads to more precise answers. Applied to the Flow Shop system it can show areas that need a significant amount of improvement.
A major talking point worth further exploring is the point the author makes regarding Job Shops. It is perhaps something most would overlook, but I feel is very important to business as a whole–what the author calls “responsibility, and pride in one’s work”. Because the job shop system depends on skilled workers and caters to variation, boredom can be minimized by nothing more than the worker enjoying their job, and the final product they produced. Morale makes a large difference in business.
One of the major points in the chapter is the term coined “servicescapes”. Referring to the direct physical environment the service provider presents to their customers, this is a very interesting concept. Looking at things as simple as a customer-friendly layout can greatly increase efficiency by ensuring the work and customer flows remain steady.
The last major point the author makes as far as service providers go is regarding things such as guarantees. This is generally not a problem for the company who continues to exceed customer expectations, but problematic for a company that carries inherent problems–staffing, structural, or otherwise. Guarantees are a big draw to the consumer, but can also hurt a business taking on more than they are capable of.

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