Design and History: Defining How Furniture Art Defines an Era, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-19 00:50:04
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The furniture from both the American and European region give a distinct indication on how the history of both countries intended to characterize the people who lived during particular times in the said areas of dwelling. Between the years era of 1700 and 1800, several furniture creations have been produced and specifically obtained by the public. Some of them plain, and some others heavily detailed. Relatively, these forms of designs talks more about on the being of the individuals who owns them and the intuitive expression and analysis of the maker on what and how the society lives during the era when they first released the said items in the market.
The first furniture to be identified herein is the Armchair of 1780 t0 1830 found from Anasazi in North America specifically around the Southwest region. Found in the American Art Gallery [with number 227 used as its identity], this furniture is labeled to be the restricted give of Mr. And Mrs. Robert A. Kubicek. Given this definitive identity, it could be Realized that the furniture is customized. Nevertheless, it appears to be rather simple, bare and specifically blunt when it comes to design except for the slightly distinct backrest and lower edge part of the chair.

Another armchair to be analyzed is that of the one from Italy, Florence which was created by Luigi Frulini between the years 1839 to 1897. This furniture was identified to be the gifts of Emily Crade Chadbourne and other individuals to the European Decorative Arts Purchase Fund. Unlike the first furniture, this one has more detail and suggests a more elite form of artistry when it comes to the way the creator of it could be defined. Possibly, because of the fact that it is made for the European Decorative Arts Purchase Fund, that it was made specifically distinct and relatively artistic in form. Its slightly slanted backrest and the tip-toed form of the foot stools of the chair provide a functional source of comfort while also providing a good source of artistic excellence in relation to how it is to be used as a tool of decorating and increasing the value of a room’s aesthetics. Serving this functions of aesthetic value and functionality, this furniture could be considered of a higher rank of artistry compared to the furniture from the American era that was defined earlier.
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