“Demonstrated Leadership in School and Community Life”, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-19 11:20:04
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One thing that I have learned about  being leadership is that for one to be a leader, he or she should be able to articulate the  visions and values of his followers, embody the image of the group, and communicate desires that resonate with that of group members.
I have always wanted to be a transformational leader owing to my capacity to develop impactful visions that others can follow, shape their points of view, and make them more productive. I have demonstrated this leadership style in group projects. In high school, I came up with a recycling project to assist in getting rid of plastics that littered the school compound. When I first proposed the project during a class practical lesson on environmental management, only two of my classmates supported the idea. I had hoped to make money through the project. We started by procuring gunny sacks made of polypropylene plastic or natural fibers like jute. The project set off after obtaining permission from the school administration. After school hours, we would walk around the school to collect any waste plastic material. We would then sell the plastics to a recycling company. Soon, our team expanded to 6 students. Besides enabling us to make money, the project enabled the school to get rid of waste plastics. The environment in the school and neighborhood became cleaner.
I volunteered at a community center to teach elementary school students how to make money by recycling waste, how to organize their environments at home, and how to leave a positive impact on other people. Many of the students showed great resolves to organize their environments by arranging books on shelves at the center and collecting waste plastic bottles.

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