Customer Service: Integrity in the Success of Our Restaurant, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-02 15:35:06
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The area of the expertise today is customer service or total customer satisfaction. The success of any business depends upon its creators or mentors. Like a computer programmer is the backbone of the software and hardware and technological aspects of the system, the restaurant representatives play a major role in the collective success of their business.  Here, people would be referred as guests as they should be treated “royally” into our restaurant. ‘The first impression is the last impression”, which is a very old, but useful saying. Similarly, an eye-catching logo would not only interest the guests into the restaurant, also it would portray the kind of taste and grace which would be reflected upon the guests by the CSR.
The second step to total customer satisfaction is the dressing. What you see is what you get. People notice how the hosts represent themselves and whether there is any neatness in their attire or not.  This accounts for the visual representation, as smiling and charming faces with crisp and clean attire are liked and admired by everyone, which also creates an excellent and positive atmosphere in the restaurant. Definitely, credibility is the key factor in good customer service. But sometimes, hosts gets too busy to pay attention to their overall attire, or just get too busy with their other daily lives’ errands that shabby clothing and unpleasant clothing is what guests have to experience. Therefore, special attention should be paid in order to portray an awesome and pleasant restaurant atmosphere. Now, comes the attitude, or one can say the word choice. The greeting word is, “Welcome to our restaurant, What can we get you today?” This is the magic word, as it makes one really feels welcome.  I went to a restaurant named Applebees, and ordered the Entrees Seafood. When I peeked around the restaurant, I was delighted to experience well-groomed hosts and hostess with a keen smile on their faces, taking orders from their guests, in a formal and friendly way. Our hostess demonstrated authority and confidence while reading our order back to us and boosting up their menu and attending to our needs.
The third step in the customer service of Apple bees was their suggestive selling or up selling. The hostess beautifully inquired me about any soft drinks or appetizers or any ice-creams with my order, as well as she quoted the price to be only a dollar more. How could I possibly have rejected the offer? I added 2 lemonades and one cheesecake ice-cream with my order and was feeling proud inside of finding a good deal. This restaurant had reminded me of the Red Lobster, once where I visited with my husband and kids. The eloquent food and prompt customer service had made me a huge fan of the Red Lobster restaurant, and their positive environment too.
Good customer service comes with experience and a “YES” attitude. There is a famous saying that, “The customer is always RIGHT”. It is very true. The hosts being the representatives of their restaurant are ought to make a mistake, and in that case, their duty is to apologize to their guests and make up for their mistake. It’s the human nature, that when one is spending money on food, one must get the service one deserves, so that the guests can come back again and again.
Similarly, false advertising is another loophole for a glitch in customer service and thus leaves customers paranoid to even think of using the restaurant’s service ever again. The rule for recovery of this loss is to implement the advertised price and initiate customers’ orders at the price mentioned, even though, in error, but the restaurant’s business would increased by word of mouth only and where publicity with flyers and internet-marketing falls short, positive word of mouth and references come a great deal in the success of a restaurant.

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