Comparing and Contrasting Jenny Craig, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-01 12:00:05
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There are people, places, places and things, which awake our food taste buds.  The cost of thinking of these foods, often leads heading to our favorite restaurant. The city of “New Orleans” is synonymous with great tasting Cajun and shrimp meals. The famous weight loss person “Jenny Craig” is known around the world for making great tasting meals.  The goal of this paper is to discuss Jenny Craig, New Orleans, and shrimp, explaining their perceptions, similarities and contrasting differences.
Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig, New Orleans and shrimp remind people about food and how good a meal can taste. The mention of New Orleans entrees along with shrimp makes families head straight to the nearest Popeye’s Chicken or Red Lobster.  Jenny Craig had broken all the rules about promoting seafood while presenting shrimp as a healthy food option. Jenny Craig’ and New Orleans food commercials featured shrimp meals to make us hungry.  In contrast, Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that promotes healthy in portions, exercise and eating shrimp meals versus New Orleans that promotes fatty foods, excessive food portions, overeating and greasy foods. Serving sizes are generous, some would say unmanageable for the average person (Where To Eat in New Orleans, 48). Jenny Craig program focuses on three success factors: a healthy relationship with food, an active lifestyle and a balance approach to living (Witherspoon and Rosenweig, 199).  In contrasting shrimp to New Orleans, shrimp is considered seafood that causes allergic reactions while Jenny Craig promotes healthy shrimp meals. However, shrimp cooked in New Orleans portrays unhealthy food options, like deep fried shrimp that clogs your heart arteries.

New Orleans
Jenny Craig’s food programs have become synonymous with New Orleans and shrimp entrees. The New Orleans’s commercials have broken the traditional perception of food destinations. New Orleans has been marketed alongside Jenny Craig presenting healthy food, New Orleans flavors and exotic shrimp gumbo entrees. Bourbon Street restaurants have become the favorite cooking locations for Jenny Craig’s food shows. In contrast, New Orleans has a reputation of a city of uncontrolled sex. New Orleans is not the place to be caught soliciting sexual favors. Jenny Craig’s reputation is one of American goodness, safe healthy food and honesty with wholesome values. In contrast, shrimp has reputation of negative allergic reactions while Jenny Craig is seen as a positive organization with safe food options.
Shrimp meals had built a reputation as a seafood option that helps people lose weight and lower blood pressure. However, shrimp have broken the unhealthy mode by packaging shrimp with less harmful additives and portion packaging.  The food servings on the Jenny Craig’s food list still need to be cut into smaller portions, regardless of packaging. Shrimp salad option is a positive meal on the Jenny Craig menu. Shrimp is a healthy food options in New Orleans gumbo dishes. In contrast, shrimp can be an unhealthy because shrimp eating dead and decomposing things. Shrimp is a scavenger that thrives off eating the flesh of dead creatures (Dherbs, 1).
In conclusion, New Orleans, Jenny Craig and shrimp have many similarities and contrasting differences. New Orleans has positive a positive reputation for Cajun foods and negative connotations for a city of uncontrolled sex. Jenny Craig is a positive food option for healthy entrees, but Jenny Craig reputation has changed to negative because of Hurricane Katrina. Shrimp has positive views as a healthy food option; however, shrimp is seen as a dangerous meal that could cause allergic reactions. Regardless, of the similarities or contrasting differences, all three things awake our food taste buds and add a few inches to our waistlines.
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