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Published: 2021-06-28 21:45:09
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How and why cold fusion energy will change the universe in the near future?
Cold fusion energy is a nuclear fusion process that explains a magnitude of heat production that excelled any terms of nuclear processes so far at the moment. The involvements of electrolysis of a heavy water substance on the surface of electrodes made of palladium in cold fusion make it a very vibrant technology that will provide abundant and cheap energy for the near future generations (AbuTuha, 2007).
Cold fusion is coming out to the general public as one of eco friendly form of beneficial energy technology. Most recent development of cold fusion that prove that it ill surely change the universe in the near future is the prototypes units that use water as fuel.  The prototypes range from kilowatts of energy to outputs of thermal energy and are tapping into zero point energy theory ( AbuTuha, 2007).

The theory of zero point energy is a new technology that utilizes cold fusion to produce green energy. This theory does not violate the theory of energy conversion and thus scientists have legal authority to experiment on it. Green Energy production from cold fusion will greatly change the lives of many consumers and save them on power bills worldwide (Lawrence, Krauss and Glenn, Starkman, Life, 2000), As technology is rapidly changing and the increase of global warming, due to use of conventional sources of energy, the invention of green energy from cold fusion will for a remedy for conventional energy sources as an alternative energy source. It will protect the environment as well help in reduction of the green effect caused by increase of carbon dioxide in the universe (AbuTuha, 2007).
Recent research in the field of ColdFusion especially the fusion of hydrogen and nickel has promising future energy production of more than ten kilowatts. As well the e-cat invention is making technological advancement to wipe out much oil using in energy generation. The success of this research and invention will change the universe in matters of health energy (AbuTuha, (1990).
A.F. AbuTuha, (1990), “Cold Fusion – The Heat Mechanism,” J. Fusion Energy, vol 9, no 3, p  345; Ed Storm (Bib), “Critical Review of the Cold Fusion Effect.”
Lawrence M. Krauss and Glenn D. Starkman, Life, (2000), “the Universe, and Nothing”: Life   and Death in an Ever-expanding Universe”, Astrophysical Journal, 531 pp. 22–30.

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