Climate Change: A Letter to the Editor, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-07 22:50:05
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Dear Editor,
In response to an article previously published in your magazine, I would like to register my disapproval on how the issues concerning the emission of greenhouse gases are handled by the Rio treaty. Presently, management of emission of green house gases is a critical issue that should be part of everybody’s concern.  However much burden seems to be heaped on the developed countries and this is quite unreasonable since developing countries also produce a significant volume of these gases.
The burden of managing greenhouses should be shared among the nations of the world according to their total contribution to the volume of these gases produce over a given period of time.   The placing of the burden on developed nation is based on the fact that developed countries lead in production of greenhouse gases and have the financial ability to institute proper measures to manage greenhouse gases (Walser, 2009).  However, the initiative of reducing green house gases cannot be successful if the developing countries are not given a share of the responsibility.
Currently, there are numerous activities taking place in developing countries that encourage continued production of green house gases. This activities include wide spread destruction of forests which act as carbon dioxide sinks and use of ineffective technologies that greatly contribute to the production of green house gases. The countries further use fossil fuels-which produce carbon dioxide -just like developed countries (Allen, 2009). In addition to this, most developing countries do not have proper policies to manage the production of these gases.
In sum, instead of overburdening developed countries, international treaties should encourage sharing of the responsibility because each country contributes significantly to the production of the gases (Allen, 2009). For instance the, measure targeting reduction of emission of green house gases could apply to all countries since all  use fossil fuels that contribute to carbon dioxide- a green house gas in the atmosphere.
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Allen, K. (2009). Should be countries be exempted from green house gas production? Retrieved 25 October 2009 from
Walser, M. (2009). Greenhouse gases emissions-perspective on the top 20 emitters and developed countries versus developing countries. Retrieved 25 October 2009 from

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