Causes of Computer Related Deviance Abuse and Crime, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-06 15:20:04
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A May 18th, 2014 New York Times report stated that two television employees from a Florida, Tampa company were placed on  five  years’ probation after being convicted of breaking into to rival station computer system. According to the facts reported the 33 year olds Michael I. Shapiro and Terry L. Cole, were also ordered to complete 250 hours community service as well as make five presentations to media groups about their experience. Mr. Cole subsequently apologized to the two stations affected (New York Times, 2014).
Meanwhile,these two Channel 10 news directors were accused repeatedly of committing these breaches. Mr. Cole specifically, it was highlighted broke the computer WTVT, channel 13 system to obtain files.  Mr. Shapiro was reported to have had access to Channel 13 computer system since he was a former employee prior to joining Channel 10. When applyingthe rational theory to this specific situation, the reason underlying a deliberation for committing these breaches is weighing the costs and benefits of outcomes. Obviously, in their opinion benefit outweighed costs at that point in time. Therefore, in sentencing for such crimes the rationale is taken into consideration by the presiding judge(McQuade, 2006).
In allowing them probation and using the experience to teach others is a very effective resolution to this particular case, but there is no guarantee that it will deter others from risking the crime. These two persons are prominent tin the media business and very experienced in computer tricks. They ought to be used as role models in the science, but are abusing their privileges. Educating the public is a useful prevention strategy (McQuade, 2006).
McQuade, S. (2006). Causes of Computer Related Deviance Abuse and Crime: Chapter 5 Understanding and Managing cybercrime. Power Point.
New York Times (2014).Two get probation in computer crimes. New York Times

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