Business Outcomes Resulting From a Successful Supply Chain, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-06 21:20:05
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I agree to the business outcomes posted the two posts. This is because the two posts contain common business outcomes experienced by many organizations. For example, the business outcomes like security, sustainability, resilience and the others are described I both posts and how it affects the running of the businesses. Every organization has a target of outcomes when designing a successful supply chain. An organization puts all the efforts to make sure that the supply chain chosen meets the requirements of the organization and produce positive business outcomes. Business outcomes that fits most of the organizations are targeting include responsiveness, sustainability, innovation, cost reduction, security, resilience and many others as explained in both posts. These are the main outcomes in which organizations do not miss when choosing the supply chain. As described in the two posts, every organization wants a supply chain that will reduce costs, secure products, increase innovation, respond to the changing conditions, environmental friendly, and recover easily from unexpected risks (Hugos 2011, p. 93).
The supply chain management theory focused on the textbook is about online marketing where the internet is used. This is whereby marketing and supply of products is performed online using the organization website and social media web pages. In the two posts, it is described that the organizations or business should pace with frequently changing technology. This is in terms of marketing and supply of products. The company will design its own website that will assist in marketing the products and services offered as well as supplying the products to the consumers. It is not a must that employees who are marketing the products meets the customer physically. Every transaction and communication are conducted even the supply of the products online is done through communication. In addition, the organization can create social media web pages on twitter and facebook. The staff in the organization will post and update the products and services on the social web pages frequently (Flynn & Zhao 2010, p. 65). This will help the organization to update the customers in case of any new products or services offered in the organization. As per the frequently changing technology and digital era, this has become the best method of marketing and supplying products and services. This is because many people are registered on the social media, and they can access the products marketed by various companies. These are the frequently visited pages on the internet currently. The customer will communicate with the organization on how the transactions and supply are made online.
In various companies, the stakeholders consider the above outcomes as mutually exclusive. For supply chain to be effective and efficient, it should have a combination of two or all the six business outcomes. A supply chain, which only focuses a single outcome, will sustain the competition posed by the competitors in the market. For instance, supply chains, offering only security as an outcome will not be in a position to overcome the unexpected changes in demand supply in the market. The supply chains, which are over focused cannot meet the requirements of the emerging trends in the business environment. The trick to this challenge is to get a blend, which differentiate the supply chain from that of the competitors. The blend should also attract customers of which they will be willing to pay.
The supply chain should be designed, in a way that the outcomes are achieved, and the customers are not overwhelmed by the prices of the products. The two posts put clear indications in the discussion that positive outcomes are expected in the companies, businesses and organizations. This is because some supply chains make the prices increased to extent that the consumer will strain when buying the products. The supply chains used in supplying the products should stimulate and maintain the quality of products in the market. This will motivate the consumers or customers who are the last in the supply chain to enjoy products of high quality (Christopher 2012, p. 105). The outcome on the security of the products should be emphasized. This is because the customers will be greatly affected if the products are not secured properly from the source. For example, if the products supplied are contaminated, the products will affect the customers. Thus, they will trust the products supplied to them through the chain in the future. Organization should focused and consider the effects of the supply chain on the final consumer when they are focusing on the successful supply chain and the outcomes. This is because the consumers are the important people in the supply chain as the supplier and other organization are depending on them to achieve the market of the products.
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