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Published: 2021-06-17 10:40:03
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Would you or would you not consider budget issues when conducting a needs assessment? Please explain.
Budget issues are of course considered as uncanny elements that contribute to the development or the irregularities of any particular business plan. This is the reason why in conducting a needs assessment report, considering budget issues is essential. This allows the business owners and the other board members to have a strong command of the budget even in the middle of particular irregularities in the future.
Forecasting budget issues could be based from past operations of the business. As it is said, the current performance of any business organization serves as the mirror of its past operations. Relatively, seeing how the business faired in the past would tell business planners as well as financial managers how the current trend in the market could actually affect the performance of the business in the future. Using these elements as effective tools of measurement shall provide a clear depiction of what possibilities of business imbalances could happen in the future; knowing these, the business owners and managers would already be able to prepare and protect their assets at an early time.
As a Greek, I realize how ethnocentric this culture is and historically admit that Plato and Aristotle knew only a limited part of the world. Hence, I put their philosophies in this historical context. But as you travel the world do you see differences in human nature that might be part of one’s cultural identity?
            Given that every individual belong to his own unique country and is bearing his own unique culture, it is evident that each person deserved to be fully recognized according to his cultural division. Realizing uniqueness in this context of humanity provides each individual a sense of diversity that could either provide positive or negative impacts to the society depending on how the human individuals respond to such presentations of individuality.
What makes the current society a source of colorful indication of humanity is the fact that each person belongs to a unique identity. Plato and Aristotle recognized such facts, nevertheless, they decide to handle the explanation of such elements of humanity in a more general dictation of human occurrences including the assumption of culture and national identity.
Galbraith, M. (1997). Administering Successful Programs for Adults: Promoting Excellence in Adult, Community, and Continuing Education (Professional Practices in Adult Education and Human Resource Development Series). Krieger Pub Co; Original ed edition.

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