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Published: 2021-07-03 04:50:05
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There are several hazards presented if there is no mitigation and prevention of biosecurity.  Agricultural sites are at risk because there is an alarming amount of waste material appearing in fields, emanating from milk refuse, blood, and animal parts. In addition, heavy rains have caused excess water runoff containing blood clots from animal carcasses and indications that tractors had run over the blood mass, transferring into the fields nearby (AG Research, 2011.) The possibility of such waste reaching the water supply presents an extreme danger to the animal and human populations living in the areas affected.  Despite this danger, it appears that the efforts of farmers to avoid such a catastrophe have been ignored, at least until 2010.  That year, after much publicity regarding this threat, legislation was finally passed requiring people entering farms to abide by protocols that have been established to decrease risks of disease and farm product contamination; these laws also levy penalties on people failing to abide by the standards (Protections of Agricultural Biosecurity Areas, 2010.)
There are several reasons behind getting a flu shot.  Prevention is the main cause, since getting the flu can present many health risks to both children and their parents (Ben-Joseph, 2012.) Becoming sick with the flu is much worse than having a cold, and can last weeks or even months, depending on the person’s age and health status.  Certain high risk groups are the primary targets of the flu shot campaign: children six months through four years of age, anyone 65 years and older, pregnant women, people who are immune compromised, residents of long-term care facilities, any person with a chronic disease, healthcare personnel, caregivers of people in high risk groups, and native Americans as well as Alaskan natives (Ben –Joseph, 2012.) The vaccine lasts for a significant period of time, often into the following spring (Conway, 2008.)
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