Best Movie of All Time: The Holiday Inn, Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-08 01:25:04
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Holiday Inn is a movie that makes one watch it over and over again just to sign and dance along. It is rather unusual as the major events are happening during the major holidays so the viewers can feel the spirit of many holidays in one film. But one of the main reasons why ‘The Holiday Inn’ should be included in the list of the best movies of all times is its great music. Such songs as ‘Be Careful, It’s My Heart’ and ‘White Christmas’ are still among the favorite ones for many Americans and viewers from different countries. It is very interesting to watch how the main events of the movie correspond with the songs and the dances. For instance, when Jim wants to prevent Ted and Linda to kiss, he changes the orchestra’s tune from a minuet to jazz.
The movie demonstrates that the music plays an important role in one’s life. Many people have a favorite song for different occasions. But the main characters not only like the music but the music is their life. They love it, love their work, and intend to share their happiness with others. All of them have to go through some hardships but in the end the problems are resolved and the music and dances are back.

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