Battery Recycling as a Business, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-22 09:35:06
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The world is running short of various precious commodities that find use in various sectors. Most of these precious commodities are minerals used in manufacturing industries. Recycling is the only means that can prevent the depletion of such minerals on the face of the earth. Battery University discusses the recent entrepreneurial ideas of restoring and recycling batteries. These are among the activities that would save the globe from environmental hazards and depletion of these minerals.
Battery recycling has taken effect in a bid to reuse precious metals such as lithium, cobalt, graphite and nickel that are useful and expensive. Batteries made of lithium are costly to manufacture because of the expensive value of lithium, cobalt, and the manufacturing cost. However, billions of batteries found themselves in dump fills every year since there has not been in existence any means to collect be recycle these precious metals. The neglect arises from them cost of recycling that is quite expensive. It comprises of the collection, transportation, sorting and separation of parts, elimination of hazardous effects, smelting and purification of the metals.
In consideration, the recycling process in expensive but it does not leave discarding as the only way of dealing with batteries. Most of the discarded batteries are still usable upon restoration of the batteries with a simple process. Entrepreneurial engineers are currently recirculation batteries in the USA, UK and Israel. The batteries undergo a 30 seconds quick fix process that establishes their health and enables restoration. Direct recycling is also on deployment and saves lots of precious metals that go to waste.
However, environmental measures and government policies that encourage such activities need enforcement.
A flow chart of generation of electricity and recycling process using wind turbines         

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