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Published: 2021-06-27 19:45:04
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According to the article whose culture whose city, the culture in any urban environment can be judged using a number of factors. Most of these factors and elements depict the way various artists perceive the cultural aspects of any place. When assessing the urban society, salient cultural aspects and compositions that are mostly within the prism of arts. Examples of these include short stories, novels, paintings, musical compositions, architectural designs and sculptures among other things. The manner in which these artists represent their works greatly reflects and reveals a lot of cultural aspects within a given city (Zukin 80).  For instance, the paintings and designs that are used in any given city reflect the urban culture from which the people originate. This is based on the logic that most artists would only embrace cultures that they see in their cities and are familiar with. Such cultures must also be ethically acceptable by the urban city lives.
In the urban life, politic and political corruptions are depicted in various ways.  First, there is the distinction between the middle class and other people living on the streets. Most people within the middle class and above are often the whites who largely discriminate the other people from the lower social groups and classes. This type of discrimination fosters a lot of corruption especially in the political and urban scene. For instance, there is the conflict between the whites and the minority who are poor and homeless. At the same time there is the element of poor development in the certain regions within the urban setting hence bringing in a clear distinction between these classes. The social differences in the urban culture have equally triggered series of conflicts from various people and forces within the town.
The elements of the American culture are equally depicted in this urban environment. These elements represent cultures in the ancient times when the Native Americans lived and had control over major cities in the US (Zukin 78). Aspects of social differences that existed during that time are still in existence to date and people are striving to strike a balance between these two. Ethnic minorities and other immigrants have equally placed pressure on the urban management system to meet their demands sufficiently. Such demands include cultural imbalances that occur within the urban environment. Relatively, most people do not understand their culture. In most cases, immigrants tend to adopt the cultures of the urban centers they migrate. In the process, they forget about their cultures and adopt cultures from other places.
Cultural awakening consequently tends to shape up the environmental setting in the urban centers.  There are various expansion minded cultural institutions that are getting set up.  Such institutions foster cultural diversity in various places making it easy for multi cultural development. In the rise of such cultural developments, certain individuals use the resources for their personal gains, a factor that greatly challenges development of urban environment. For instance, the politicians who use the urban development resources for their own personal gains instead of developing the city.
In relation to the urban social networks and space, prisons have been observed to be the largest growing. This signifies the presence of crime mainly caused by the presence of the homeless, low class and the many minorities within the city square. The inefficiency and imbalance of resources between the middle class and the low class people has led to development of bicultural practices, some which include crimes committed by people suffering financial distress.  In the urban social setting, kinship is represented by the bicultural presence.  This introduces corruption elements since most people are looking forward to only assisting their kin have good livelihood.
Despite the cultural diversity that is in existence in the urban environment, many steps have been taken to create a balance between these diverse cultures. Many people have been assimilated into other cultures, making them adopt the urban cultures. In addition, cultural awareness is facilitated through the introduction of schools and other institutions that make people from diverse cultural backgrounds to interact. Such people often adopt a given culture after their interactions. Prisons too help in creating cultural awareness (Zukin 75). Those committing crimes from various cultural backgrounds are made to interact and adopt acceptable cultural practices within the urban setting. The increasing prison space is another factor that largely fosters this.
The economic growth that is currently taking place has largely created the need for education. As a result, many institutions have been developed to cater for education needs of the people living within the urban centers. Education is a very important aspect of culture because it enlightens an individual of current issues relating to cultural developments and the suitable cultural values that needs to be adopted in the urban setting. Education is thus important for both social and economical development in any urban place. Through education, cultures interact and then the best cultural values are selected and implied among the citizens of a given country.
Works Cited
Zukin, Sharon . Whose Culture? Whose city? From the cultures of cities. New York: Premium Homes, 1995. Print.

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