Alternatives for Global Market-Entry Strategy, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-24 08:10:04
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Relating to the question As a novice in global marketing, which alternative for global market-entry strategy would you be likely to start with? Why? What other alternatives are available for a global market entry, I agree with the responder’s idea of utilizing extensive marketing strategy to enter the global market. It is through this approach that a business becomes effective in influencing the minds of the global market hence establishing a platform where it could stand upon. As the world today faces a great challenge of handling global operations among businesses, a particular organization aiming to embrace the aspect of operating internationally must be able to understand the concept of declining the economy of protectionism (138). This concept of operation entails the condition by which a business goes out from the protection of its own nation’s economy to face the risks of engaging in international trade. True, every advancing step in business involves risk. Nevertheless, it is through responding to such risks that a business becomes established and strongly rooted even when in the need of facing international competition from other organizations operating worldwide (Svante, et al, 2009, p. 98). At present, strong marketing strategies could come in many different forms. One of which is an alternative approach that could be used by organizations that are not yet huge enough to enter the actual physical trade among large companies in the international market. Such alternative involves the use of the internet and the resources it offers to provide a strong backing on smaller organizations going global (Levitt, 2000, p. 89).     As an example to this, Dell, a huge and international company, is noted to have been rooted strongly to its desire to become global. Although the business started small [like any other organization] the ambitious goal of its administrators brought it to where it is now. Being one of the pioneers of computer technology innovation, Dell faces the need to become more intuitive and embrace development further so as to remain in the track of international competition. Organizations such as Apple and IBM are in the same track that Dell complies with. Operating internationally, the business also needs to consider local computer development providers in nations that they operate with.

In this case, marketing with the full use of modern innovation is indeed a strong reference to the success attained by the company. I personally strongly agree to the idea of living behind the scare of facing greater risks in the international market. The concept of declining the economy of protectionism strongly echoes the need for current business organizations aiming to expand their operations to think of the different possibilities of growth while establishing practical routes that would make it easier for them to face the conditions of dealing with the risks of operating internationally (Hollensen, 2011, p. 100).
Avoiding risks is not an option, however, working around such challenges of business development in the international market is a better course to take. Most likely, utilizing the resources of the business to manifest its strength in facing international competition for the better benefit of the organization would provide a strong distinction on how a particular business could make it in the phase of international trade. Marketing options held online are considered strong enough to create an impact on the global market. Such approaches directly connect to target clients through social media with the use of particular options noted as cloud computing. Observably, through this, even novice entrepreneurs would find it easy to reach out to the market they hope to influence.
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