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Published: 2021-06-26 01:50:03
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Youtube Energy Renewal Video: Tesla Radian Energy Free for All – Totally Possible!
The video recounts how the contributions of the great Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, may possibly provide a means with which to resolve the energy crisis through the development of free renewable energy technologies. In particular, the video highlights the so-called Tesla Generator, which apparently is able to produce free electricity by tapping into natural energy resources such as radiowaves and electrical thunderstorms. Whereas the video does take a conspiratorial approach to the validity of the Tesla Genetaor, thus suggesting that the U.S. government had confiscated Tesla’s plans fearing that free energy would mean the end of the capitalist oligarchy’s monopoly over energy resources, the content is nonetheless compelling because it underscores the possibility of alternative energy sources. Namely, the basic hypothesis that nature may already offer such alternatives, and that we therefore need to investigate how such phenomena may produce energy, compels one to an innovative form of thinking, free from the prejudices of the current paradigm. Hence, whatever the veracity of the Tesla Generator’s capabilities may be, the very idea provides an inspiration for radical new ways of thinking our energy problems.
Japanese Solar Renewable Energy System – LUZ Solar
Luz Solar, under the aegis of the Japanese company, the Kawaguchi Steel Industry, has tackled the renewable energy problem  with an innovative approach to the concept of solar panels. The so-called “film shaped solar renewable energy system” uses a light weight material, placed on rooftops so as to generate electricity. The key breakthrough of the design was precisely such a shift to light weight material, as such an innovation means that the application of the film to roofs does not require any additional support so as to maintain the integrity of the structure. Namely, the previous model of solar panels was too heavy and thus more expensive to utilize, since foundations had to be buttressed in order to suit the extra weight. The cumbersome nature of current solar panels requires a weight of 60 kilograms per square meter, whereas the film model is only 6 kilograms per square meter with a thickness of only about 1 mm.
By switching to a film-based model, Luz Solar is able to generate renewable energy in a more practical manner. Whereas power accrued is slightly less than the traditional solar panels, the gain in quantity of film which may be employed compensates for the difference. The product functions by collecting solar energy through the films, such that electricity is moved into the building through a series of cables. The product may also be considered as an effective use of space, as the idea for Luz Solar emerged when the owner of the company, Mr. Kawaguchi, noted that empty roof space could be transformed into a viable location for energy renewable devices. This utilization of space is arguably most crucial in highly dense population centers such as those found in Japan.
The products of Luz Solar have already been used throughout the Saga Prefeture of Japan, bein used on both public and private buildings. Various factories have committed to the product in order to have a more efficient energy system. From an aesthetic perspective, the film-based model can also be viewed as an advancement, since it does not appear as cumbersome as the bulkiness of the panel model. From an economic perspective, the film model is also about 70% cheaper than the traditional bulky panels.
LUZ SOLAR thus represents an innovative attempt to use existing city space and developments in solar technology to provide a practical and efficient alternative not only to traditional sources of energy, but an alternative to the alternatives.

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