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Published: 2021-06-24 18:55:04
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The problem faced by Bill Walker mainly arose as a result of more aggressive marketing by Alexandria Inn’s more established competitors such as Macaroni Grill, Chili’s and TGI Friday over the last year. Because of the increased advertising, Alexandria Inn, and Bill Walker in particular, has been forced to consider a change in strategy to ensure it remains competitive. Bill is not sure whether to persist with his targeting of tourists as Alexandria Inn’s niche market, or to engage in aggressive marketing similar to its competitors to generate a more consistent all year round market. Should Bill decide to adopt the aggressive marketing approach, the organization will have to generate or source funds for its new aggressive marketing approach. If the organization decides not to pursue the new approach, it would most likely face a shrinking market share.
Before deciding on the approach to adopt, Bill and Alexandria Inn will have to carry out research on the best medium through which to advertise. Furthermore, to sustain a yearlong demand, the organization will have to expand its target market from a 2 mile radius into a much larger one. Choosing a solution would most likely depend on the goals and objectives of Alexandria Inn, if the main interest of the company is to compete with the bigger competitors, pursuing the new aggressive marketing drive is the best option. However, if the company is not ready to expand and financially support a new aggressive marketing approach, pursuing this course of action could lead to considerable losses. The size of Alexandria Inn, and its location, however, limits its ability to effectively compete. Before pursuing aggressive advertising, the Inn must make structural adjustments that will allow it to attract and serve a wider market.

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