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Published: 2021-07-02 13:55:05
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One of the biggest realizations in the field of marketing and management has been that quality is not entirely a function of the reliability or performance of product and/or service but also the consumers’ perceptions of the product and/or service. Organizations have now been taking into account the impact of their operations on the environment because they know that consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and do judge companies on their environmental record. This is why environment is the latest member of the companies’ overall quality strategy because companies’ environmental record influences consumers’ perceptions which in turn may have a material impact on the companies’ sales performance.
As far as leadership is concerned, the leaders will be forced to not only place greater emphasis on external stakeholders such as communities but may also have to change their business model. The leaders may review the entire product life cycle in order to determine opportunities for reducing waste by using less product material and/or using recyclable material. The leaders will also increase communication with external stakeholders to learn about their concerns and identify opportunities to reduce the impact of production activities on the environment. The leaders will also increasingly emphasize their green credentials in marketing activities to improve quality perceptions of their products/services and to differentiate their companies from the competition. In fact, we are already seeing evidence as many media campaigns tout the marketers’ initiatives to reduce harm to the environment.
This once again proves that the definition of quality changes with changing consumers’ preferences and leaders will increasingly adopt sustainable business practices to advance their quality credentials. And those who do will see both greater consumer loyalty and higher profits.

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