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Published: 2021-07-03 16:45:05
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After watching all the media elements within the given modules, the concept of adopting technology to sustain evolution rises. Biomimicry employs a high technology in order to preserve the nature. The technology used here will enable the safeguarding of other living things but not to the human beings only. Many a time technologies have been to benefit the humans and their survival only, but this technology goes a notch higher to sustain the evolution. Therefore, Biomimicry becomes the blueprint that enables for the survival of the species and hence will make the human being live in harmony with what is in the surroundings. Therefore, the technology employed in the presentation provides the greatest chances of survival for all species, ecosystem, and the biodiversity. However, employing technology in such a process might involve doing enough research, in which case it requires, in the very beginning, the resources time and hope. These three issues will enable the research to work because lack of money will result in failure.
It is a fact that nature has had to go through processes of trial and error in order to improve the living organism, processes, and all materials on the planet earth. The use of Biomimicry, therefore, gives rise to new technologies from the biologically inspired engineering at all levels. Nature has had to provide several answers to many problems throughout the existence. Therefore, this presentation is quite significant in providing technological ideas that will help human beings realize that the solutions to several of the problems they face is right close to them. All they require is to embrace technology. The innovation demonstrated in the presentation of the two media elements is a clear indication that scientists and engineers ought to employ technology to solve nature problems. This will help in changing in changing the organizations, designs among others (Lee & Thompson, 2011).
Lee, D & Thompson, M. (2011). Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature. Kids Can Press Ltd

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