A Better Life for Children in Haiti, Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-26 14:55:03
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Getting My Hands Dirty towards a Better Life for Children in Haiti
It has been the desire of many people to help. In fact, it is an innate desire for humans to extend their hands and share whatever they have for the sake of others’ welfare. However, the question remains, how could one actually help? There are instances when some individuals simply opt to identify their role in the need to assist others through simply feeling “sorry” for those who are in need. This however is not enough to alleviate the living condition of those who are in the middle of a dilemma that defines their course of development not only today but also towards their future. There is a belief around the globe, that children are the hope of the current generation. This is the reason why supporting them is deemed to be an important aspect of any nation’s course of development. But what if the children themselves and their needs are being given less care for by the current generation? What possible future awaits such a society who’s children are not properly nourished nor are they supported with their basic needs?
This is the reason why I personally picked the HPC or the Hope for the Poor Children foundation as my direct receiver of donation. This foundation is dedicated to providing assumptive assistance to children in Haiti through giving them proper nourishment, education and shelter as well. Simply giving donation however is not an option. Knowing that I can do more than just send in a dollar of donation motivates me to actually use my own capabilities and efforts to make sure that my help to the foundation would go a long way.

Background of the Project
Children in Haiti are most often than not born to poor families or at worse are abandoned by their own families because of the immense effect of poverty. This is the reason why children in the said region need all the support that they can get from a caring community. Being born to a harsh society already hurts the emotional growth of the children; not allowing them to have a fair chance in life only worsens the situation. This is the reason why foundations such as HPC are established to make sure such less fortunate individuals get the attention that they need and the basic elements of living that they require to survive. HPC has been noted for its work of establishing several orphanages in Haiti as well as some elementary schools that are all dedicated to giving care for needs of the children in the country. Knowing that they are in need of such support, the foundation makes sure that they get what they have been less given.
To support the programs that they have established for the children, HPC depends on donations from individuals as well as concerned organizations who want to share their blessings the poor young ones. To operate in the United States, HPC has a drop-off station at Brooklyn New York where the donations are accepted. To get donations, HPC establishes several programs as well as special occasions that host benefit operations that are dedicated to make it possible for the funds to increase and thus be sufficient enough to support the basic needs of the children that they serve while also assuring an extensive education that is given to the children. HPC specifically believes that educating the children helps them to be self-sufficient hence making them more dependable in refining themselves towards the future than simply feeding them with good food, giving them clothes and providing them shelter.
In line with this, I hope to make a difference in line with the principles and goals of the organization. I would also like to extend my capabilities in assisting the poor children in Haiti make a difference in their own lives and possibly get off the impoverished lives that they have been brought up into. In the hope of doing so, I prepared myself to face certain individuals as well as groups and give them an educating presentation about the situation of the children in Haiti. This I think would allow them to find it easier to have a rational background as to why they are supposed to help the children and what such option of helping could actually do for them. I do personally believe that the reason why some people simply do not care, or at least have less interest in helping is because they have no idea what the real situation is all about. Through and educating presentation and an informative definition of the problem, I hope to create a responsive condition among those who I am going to talk to that would actually motivate them to extend their hands more.
The 5W’s and 2 H’s
According to several researches, orphans in Haiti are recorded to develop the most devastating emotional burdens as they grow older. Living in a poor community and realizing that they have no hope but to live life as it is has caused several young adults to simply give up on their lives. It is known that hope comes from a bright childhood. What hope could e further enforced if the children themselves feel hopeless? This is why there are instances when the flooding of adoption offers for these children from the American society seems to be the primary answer to the dilemma. But is this the solution that is needed to configure the situation? Many experts suggest that adoption options should not be rushed. Taking these children away from their own homeland and simply introducing them to a new culture might cause shock both to them and their new parents. Instead, supporting them grow in their own society, giving them a glimpse of what could be possibly done to improve their own lives is a better option that NGO’s consider to be effective at present.
However, to make such situations happen and to help the children realize such factor, they should be helped and they should be given proper attention to. This could only be done through the establishment of social cooperation. This is the reason why for this project, I opt to create a campaign of information sharing for my target donators. I specifically hope to create a more notable understanding among people about the real situations in Haiti and how they could help on their own simple ways. Helping people understand the reality and giving them a glimpse of how they can help in bettering the current situation is expected to motivate them to help more. In this campaign, I hope to establish presentations in community halls and other places where I would be allowed to hold informative meetings. For those who I would not be able to reach, I would be inviting them to donate through social networking. Starting with my friends and other individuals I have connection with, I hope to gain a source of support which I can later on turn over to the HPC headquarters as a donation from all the people who responded to my call.
Impact of the Activity
The primary impact of this activity that I am opting to perform is the development of information growth among the members of the society. Relatively, I do believe that it would allow me to become more involved in further assuring the fact that there are more who would decide to donate what they have to those who are needy. Understandably, this would allow me to convince others to follow my cause and make a difference on their own as they help others such as the Haitian children to cope up with their own personal needs. I simply hope to create a more defined refinement of my role as a supporter of HPC rather than just a plain donator.
I hope to contribute more to the immense condition of the society through helping them understand about their personal roles as members of one community in line with the need to cooperate with others to help themselves realize the realities of their dreams through the growth of others. The meaning of life even becomes more valuable when it is used to become an extension of others’ dreams and hopeful futures. Helping each individual I know and those that I would come into contact with in line with this project to realize this fact about their lives’ value would practically create an umbrella of helping hand that would assure of a continuous growth of social awareness. Not only do I want to affect the being of those I know, instead, I would like to serve as the source of a network of information that would further motivate people to put their attention to the situation of the children in Haiti and open their eyes to what the said youngsters really need to survive life as it is. I hope that the information I shall share shall create a network of supporters for HPC or better, a source of regular donators to the foundation hence increasing its capability to support the needs of the children that are under their care.
Learning and Reflections 
Along the process of completing this project and finding a way to make my role as a member of “one” society, I realized several truths about myself. One is that no one really could live alone. Every individual deserves the existence of another. Not only do the needy ones need the support of those who have, but those who have need the satisfaction of being able to provide help to others to realize their personal value of their own life. Relatively, I do believe that it is through this project that my eyes were opened to the fact that to be considered as a valuable individual, I too should learn to seek to find how I can be of help for the betterment of the welfare of others.
In line with the research that I have accounted for the sake of knowing what the Haitian children are actually going through, I realized that pulling individuals away from their misery may be the easy way out, but if real help is desired to be given, any individual or organization at that should opt to provide ample support to these individuals for them to stand on their own. When I first heard about the Haitian children and their situation, first thing that came into my mind was to contact those who have the capability to adopt the children thus giving them new families and new homes. However, upon reading about the assumption of adoption not being the ultimate solution the problem, I realized the real point of helping the needy, it is to assist them redefine themselves through allowing them to see the better side of the life that they have been subjected to and not by simply making them quit on what they were brought up into. Helping them cope with what they have now is evidently a more defined way of creating a better path for them to grow in strength and in line with personal satisfaction of their personal achievements as individuals. True, with this project, I know I could help a lot, but the lessons I learned from it sure taught me so much in becoming a better a person and further strengthening the way I envision those who are around me, thus improving my visions in life.

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