Human Centered (Re-)Design of HAZUS-MH for Community Resilience

Last year I joined University of Washington’s Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering . A new research center was started a little before that called Center for Collaborative Systems for Security, Safety and Regional Resilience . The gist of the mission of CoSSaR is that community resilience requires putting people and communities first in helping them build their capacity to do the work they need to do to achieve their goals.

A group of students from HCDE, recently completely a user-experience and design project that focused on FEMA’s popular tool HAZUS-MH . As far as I know, there hasn’t been any other user study done of the tool to help understand how it can be improved to better fit how emergency managers, planners, and consultants want to do their work towards community resilience. The HCDE students did such a great job on their project, they received an honorable mention for best communication-oriented project at the recent HCDE open house .

They put together an amazing summary video.

And here is their full presentation about the project. It is worth a scroll through!

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